• Stress
• Fatigue
• Irritability
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Sleep Issues (trouble falling asleep, trouble staying asleep)
• Brain fog or memory issues

If you suffer from emotional imbalances you may have a chemical imbalance rooted in one or more nutritional deficiencies. Laura helps educate you on the nutritional deficiencies associated with many of your symptoms and what you can do about them.

It is common knowledge that nutritional deficiencies can cause physical imbalances such as heart disease, obesity and increase our risk of inflammatory conditions such as high cholesterol. But physical imbalances are not the only thing affected by nutritional deficiencies. Our mental and emotional well being may be affected by what we put in our mouths. Laura’s unique approach to mental and emotional well being addresses are your nutrition (macro and micronutrients), your unique digestive individuality and your genetic makeup.

Stress: Stress can alter our body’s ability to regulate cortisol, a master hormone. Supplementation and changes in diet may help your body regulate cortisol. If cortisol is imbalanced you may experience one or more of the following: fatigue, irritability, decreased energy during the afternoon, waking up in the middle of the night and more. Imbalanced cortisol may also physical imbalances cause weight gain around the stomach area, bloating, and compromise digestive issues such as poor protein digestion which may further lead to anxiety and depression.

Anxiety and Depression: Anxiety and depression are one of the most common imbalances in our busy and stressed lives. Many who suffer from anxiety and depression may have genetic mutations with amino acid receptors increasing their risk to these imbalances. If these and other genetic or digestive imbalances exist there is hope to addressing these imbalances naturally. Whether you are already taking an antidepressant or not, or whether you are under a care of a therapist it is important to look at whether or not your diet and supplements are supporting your care or working against what you are doing.