Nutri-Genetic Educational Consultation

Laura takes the information from your 23andme saliva sample ( and uses Sterling App to create your genome report. From there, Laura provides education and knowledge and how to best improve your macro and micronutrients (diet and supplements) to improve your total health and wellness with regard to your genetic mutations.

The science of genetics is changing the way we look at ourselves and our health care. Genetic mutations are the evolutionary adaptation of all living things. Genetic mutations increase our potential risk for illness and disease. Genetic mutations may also alter the way we deal with food, pharmaceuticals and toxins.

The future of preventative health care and functional wellness is not only directly informed by our symptoms but also by the genetic mutations that tell us how our bodies are functioning at a cellular level.

Acquiring your genome report is only the first step toward true knowledge and understanding of your body.

The Nutritional Genetic appointment is only available to clients who complete their initial consultation and who have received their 23andme results. You may order your saliva kit directly at