Fee Schedule

Client Fee Schedule 2017

The following charges apply to in person, or phone appointments. In person appointment location at McDermott and Independence in Plano, address is private and will be sent in appointment email. Phone appointments are to be called in at the time of the visit at 972-649-4207. No show fees are $25-$48 depending on appointment.

Payment is expected at the time of service and insurance is not accepted. Contact office directly for special discounts for seniors, and those financially challenged with CHIP, or Medicare.

New Client Initial Consultation: $75 One person Appointment (Phone or In Person) Includes health history assessment, review/education of previous lab work (if applicable), assessment and evaluation of health, education and consulting, nutritional guidelines and supplement protocol. Laura works in the education and recommendation of macronturients (food and herbal supplements) and micronutrients (supplements). NO LABWORK REQUIRED. NO REFERRAL NEEDED.

Brief Followup (up to 30 minutes): $45

Extended Followup (45-60 minutes): $75

1.5 Hr Followup: $135

All Followup appointments include assessment of progress, next phase education and information, management of initial recommendation based on performance and results, answers to questions based on education, experience and expertise.

23andme Nutrigenetic Interpretation Appointments: NUTRIGENETIC APPOINTMENTS ARE FOR CLIENTS ONLY, and you must have completed at least the Initial Client visit before scheduling a genetic review.

1 Person Genetic Review: $35 for genome report and $85 for 1 hour appointment 

Includes education of your genetic information and nutritional (macro and micronutrient) recommendations based on balancing neurotransmitters, detoxification, methylation and mitochondrial pathways. Laura uses Sterling’s App to generate the genetic information based on your 23andme raw data.

Family Genetic Review: $35 per person for genome reports/$145 for appointment to review up to 4 person family in one 1.5 hour appointment. Great family value!