“My daughter has had trouble eating ever since she was born.  Labeled failure to thrive by our doctor and frustrated with watching her inability to take a bottle, we put her on a feeding tube at 8 months old.  But even with the feeding tube she has not been able to tolerate even the smallest amounts of food without vomiting.  We even tried a variety of the formulas recommended by the doctors.  5 months later the doctors did a test and discovered that she wasn’t able to digest her food at a normal rate and that this was making her sick.  We started running her food through a pump at a continuous rate of 1oz per hour for 18 hours a day.  This meant that she was continually connected to a tube and a small backpack that kept her food in it.  Even with this she would get sick at least once a month, a vicious vomiting bout that would cause her to lose weight that would last days and then days more of recovery.   She also started having seizures during these times of sickness ever since we started the continuous feed.  The doctors have been unable to find out why she gets sick or why the seizures.  We have done genetic testing because not being able to eat is just one of her symptoms but no results have turned up there either.  We were really feeling hopeless watching our daughter get sick over and over and having nothing to do to help her after almost 2 years of doctoring.  Our feeding therapist told us about Laura Kopec and I thought it sounded like a great option.  After our first appointment Laura gave me four different formulas to make for my daughter that were full of nutrients. I got to work gathering supplies and started her on them as soon as I could.  We have been feeding her these foods for over a month now and she has not been sick once, not had a seizure once, not vomited once, and has gone from getting her food dripped 1oz over an hour all day long and through the night to eating 8oz of food in about 5-10min 4 times a day!  This is a miracle!  We have never seen her so healthy and are enjoying watching her tolerate real food better than she’s ever tolerated anything.  We are thankful to Laura and her understanding of food as a natural healer and also her willingness to consult with us by phone since we live 1,400 miles from her office!!” Dawn

“There has been a significant difference in the health of both of my children within a week of them taking the supplements Laura recommended. My 9 year old had a tremendous amount of gas and was very thin. After being on the suplements her gas decreased tremendously and over all she looked more filled out and healthy. I think she is digesting her food more efficiently and as a result is putting on healthy weight. My 7 year old has had constipation that could only be controlled with a dose of Miralax every night and had trouble going to sleep nightly. Her bowel movement are completely regular with out any medication and she is falling asleep much more easily. I would not believe the changes in both my children if I had not seen it for myself. I am very thankful to have the insight and guidance that Laura provides.” Stacy

Since starting with Laura in December, I have noticed a remarkable improvement in my son who is 10 years old. His grades are so much better, his personality is calm, and he is a happier child. He likes school, whereas before he hated school because he was struggling with the work. He has stopped yawning and looking exhausted all the time. I am very grateful to Laura for everything she has done so far with my son, and look forward to working with her in the future!” Diane

“My son was recently called the “class clown” by his 2nd grade teacher.Never in all my years of searching for something to help my son did I ever dream that he would progress so much that he would even make others around him laugh. I did so many treatments and made my son put up with so much. I met Laura in August 2010 and immediately after following her recommendations I started seeing differences in my son’s behavior, speech, and social skills. I am so grateful to have that support and guidance in my life when I needed it most. My son is on the autism spectrum but most people that meet him say he acts like a typical 8 year old boy. He is popular in school and actually enjoys doing his work for the first time ever. The day of tantrums, diarrhea, constant illness, fears are a thing of the past thanks to Laura. I am glad to say I have a happy little boy that truly enjoys life and I could not have had that if not for the changes in nutrition.” Karimen

“Our son struggled with slow weight gain, hyperactivity and focus for a long time. Upon seeking answers, we discovered that he had several food allergies and sensitivities. Laura worked with us to create a meal plan with diet alternatives that not only addressed the food sensitivities and allergies, but was also beneficial in strengthening his system. Within a short time, we started seeing amazing improvements – in overall health and behavior. We are very grateful for Laura’s knowledge and her ability to make such a wonderful difference in our son’s life.” Melinda

“After suffering a second trimester miscarriage and then several infections following the loss, I consulted Laura. With her help, I was able to get my body back into balance and to a much healthier state. I’ve completely changed my style of eating and added some probiotics to my daily vitamins and feel great. I’m very happy to have learned how to clean up my diet and the ways that my diet could have been causing some of my frustrating health issues. Since that time, I have had a very healthy pregnancy and delivered a perfect, handsome little boy.” Kerri

“Laura Kopec has been a true blessing in my family’s life. When I met her I quickly realized that she was different from the average hospital nutritionist. Laura understands all aspects of nutrition and keeps current on the latest research. She realizes how food, stress and allergies affect your health. Laura absolutely practices what she preaches and will be very realistic in her expectations of what she recommends. The most important aspect of Laura that I appreciate is the fact that she is not in this just for the money, she is passionate about helping people though good food choices to overcome their illnesses that keep them from becoming a whole healthy person.” Stephanie

“My son was having stomach/intestinal issues and my daughter was suffering from migraines. Our pediatrician referred us to Laura. She keeped us with dietary changes and nutritional supplements that have made a huge impact for the better. My daughter hasn’t had a migraine since we have made the changes and my son no longer complains of stomach aches. Thank you Laura!” Karen

We are so grateful for Laura Kopec! My son has many, many severe allergies, and she took the time to combine all his testing and put together a real meal plan for him with foods that he will actually eat. We have seen many nutritionists, and she is the first that I felt was able to give me a comprehensive plan for my son. I was so overwhelmed that I needed all the information laid out for me in an organized manner, so I knew exactly what to do and she did this well. Thank you!” Julie

“Laura Kopec not only helped us get on the right road nutritionally, she helped us to realize that healthy eating is one of our family value systems. When viewed this way, it becomes a way of life with boundaries, character and integrity. When we got on board with this concept, it drastically (but in a simple way) helped to change the way we view our new healthy eating plan. Prior to consulting Laura, we considered ourselves as eating fairly healty and supplementing where needed. Once Laura taught us about why we were having health issues related to food sensitivities, we were able to make the necessary changes and achieve great results. We are looking forward to learning more and celebrating continued success.” Brenda

“At three months old my son had developed severe eczema on his legs and arms. I visited with Laura and she educated me on the causes and treatments for his condition. Three weeks after following her recommendations of changing my diet his skin was completely cleared up! I was so excited to see his baby soft skin once again. Laura also helped me when I was pregnant; I was getting colds about twice a month for several months and having to take antibiotics. After one phone consultation with Laura I updated my supplements and altered my diet which did the trick. I had boosted my immune system and I was no longer catching colds or having to take the antibiotics. I trust Laura with the care of my health and my family’s.” Jennie

“When we were introduced to Laura, we were out of options for managing our six-year-old daughter’s eczema. All of the creams, lotions, and treatments we had tried over the past two-and-a-half years had failed, and eliminating problematic foods was proving to be incredibly difficult to implement and maintain. Laura set us up on a meal plan to get us moving in the right direction and gave us a list of supplements that would help our daughter’s body heal itself. But more than that, she gave us hope that the itching, bleeding, crying, and sleepless nights were not a life sentence, and that our daughter could heal and be the happy, skippy, giggly little girl she once was. Within two weeks of following Laura’s plan, we noticed that our daughter was much less itchy. Within a month, her skin was noticeably clearer; her smile was brighter and those little eyes just sparkled again. She began sleeping through the night and paying more attention to her schoolwork. Two months after we implemented the plan, her skin was completely clear and softer than it had been in two years. Many people have commented on how much happier and lighthearted she is again, and we are so thankful every day that we committed to helping her body heal naturally. Not only is her body able to heal itself, but we are convinced that she will truly heal, because we got to the root of the problem rather than just putting another band-aid on it.” Andy and Amy

“I cannot say enough about Laura Kopec. She has been a saving grace to our family! I was taking my children to the doctor constantly. It seemed as if we caught everything that went around twice. Since meeting Laura over 2 years ago our entire family is healthier and we now only see our doctor for well visits. Laura’s knowledge of food, nutrition and the human body is extensive and her practical approach to overall health is impressive, but more importantly attainable!” Melissa

“Laura has been a blessing to me over the last two years. She has helped educate, inform, guide, support & encourage me on the journey to get me & my two sons nutritionally healthy. She’s provided detailed personal food plans & recipes for elimination & rotation diets; has educated me on food brand choices that contain safe ingredients for my boys’ health needs; and goes above & beyond to make sure we truly understand the importance of our food & supplement choices, and how they impact our health & relate to the findings from our biomedical tests. In addition to her incredible knowledge & passion for nutrition, she is empathetic towards our concerns & needs, & shows compassion with her personal attention & guidance. We are so appreciative of her & would not have been able to come this far in our wellness journey without her! Thank you Laura!” Angie

“There is a quote that struck a cord in me when I started this journey with Laura Kopec – “Start by doing what is necessary, then what is possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” -St. Francis of Assisi That quote is symbolic of my quest for a nutritional revival in my life. Laura Kopec opened my eyes to making better choices with food and has caused me to stop and think about what I am putting in my body and feeding my family. It has changed me for the better. My energy level is much better and the mental fog has lifted. The impossible is now possible in my mind. The best is yet to to come!” Michelle

“Laura Kopec not only improved my life, she drastically changed my lifeand opened my eyes to discovering a new and better me.I considered myself to be a healthy eater before my first consultation with Laura. Even though I didn’t like to cook, I tried my best. I even had myself taking all sorts of supplements to make sure I was receiving the right nutrients to sustain my health. I assumed symptoms I had been living with most my life were aspects I attributed to me just being me, but I didn’t realize these symptoms were signs of poor health due to vital nutrients I wasn’t receiving from the foods or supplements I was consuming.After meeting with Laura, I became empowered to understand my health. I immediately felt different following her meal plans, I feel better than ever, it’s like a new me! I have energy all day, I sleep soundly, I have normal digestion with out any discomfort, I can think clearer, focus and make quicker decisions, I have no more anxiety attacks or drastic mood swings, and I discovered the ability to handle any kind of (what would have been) stressful situations. I can actually cook now and love doing so each day! I don’t have to take any more supplements to recieve vitamens and nutrients, because now, I recieve these from the food I eat. I get more out of what I eat, and therefore I have a new found appreciation for food and the beautiful life food gives me. Thank you Laura for changing my life!” Gina

“I met Laura Kopec in the fall. During that time my husband and I had just found out that our children had extensive food allergies. Prior to the allergy testing the children were getting frequent respiratory infections and etc… We started working with Laura in combination with Dr. Bain. During the initial meeting with Laura I did not know what to expect. But, I left the meeting feeling more in control of the situation. I also learned of the toxic items that we were feeding our children and unaware. The initial process was to get the toxic items out of our home and start cooking more nutrional meals for the children. The meal plans that were provided by Laura made for a smooth transition.Without those meal plans I don’t know where we would have started. The children also took the recommended supplements. As a result of Laura working with us, the children’s allergies have drastically decreased and sick days from school have decreased as well. Working with Laura has given my family an awareness of good and bad foods that we otherwise would not have had without meeting Laura. Laura’s knowledge, diligence and expertise have definitely made a difference in my family’s life.” Kim