Do you feel tired by the afternoon?

Did you know there are at least a dozen reasons why you might feel tired in the middle of your day? And a person can experience one or more of those reasons all at the same time. Here is a list of some of those reasons:

Adrenal fatigue/Endocrine imbalance
Not enough sleep
Cortisol imbalance
Hormone imbalance
Protein malabsorption
Low Iron
Vitamin D deficiency
Food sensitivity or allergy
Nitric Oxide deficiency
Cytokine imbalance
Glucose imbalance

The above reasons require you to make a changeā€¦. such as a change in your diet, a change in your lifestyle such as sleep habits, or adding supplements. In some cases a few minor changes can make you feel ten times better. But, if you ingest caffeine or sugar to feel better, this is like getting on a hamster wheel you cannot get off because quick fixes often have long term consequences. Robbing Peter to pay Paul is ultimately not a solution. But, at the end of the day there is a solution and a chance to feel differently.

Try these quick tests:
1. To see if one of your underlying reasons is a cortisol imbalanceā€¦.drink a shotglass (1 ounce) of Bragg apple cider vinegar on an empty stomach when you feel that afternoon slump. You can dilute with water if you do not like the taste. And if it works, you do not have to do the apple cider vinegar long term if you do not like the taste. Supplements that balance cortisol such as Integrated Therapeutics Cortisol Manager or adrenal support that supports cortisol such as Complimentary Prescriptives Adrenal Support Formula.
2. To see if one of your underlying reasons is protein malabsorption try a protein snack that does NOT include bad carbs or sugar with it. For example, a handful of roasted almonds with an apple is much better versus peanut butter on toast which might slow you down.