Genetic Informational Testing

Do you know if you need extra magnesium for greater physical, mental and emotional well-being? Do you know if your body breaks down folate and folic acid which can greatly affect your risk of cardiac disease or miscarriage or tolerance to certain foods? Do you know if you have a tendency to have higher or lower dopamine levels which will influence addictive behavior or depressive disorders? Do you know if your body cannot recycle B12? This and more can be revealed to you when you have your genetic information in your hands and work with a  practitioner to interpret the data.  Genetic testing is the new map of information in biochemical individuality. Reviewing your personal genetic information with a nutrigenetic practitioner can help you understand how to improve your diet and lifestyle factors specific to your genetics.   Go to and order your kit today. Schedule your appointment either in person or by phone to become a client and review your results.