Caring for your gymnast’s health

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If your son or daughter is a gymnast, he or she needs special nutrition. The life of a gymnast is very time consuming and very stressful. Even if your gymnast is an award winning gymnast, the body is still under tremendous stress. Special consideration should be made based on age and the amount of hours spent in the gym. Protein should be eaten at every meal, and calories should support the amount of training your gymnast does. Good carbohydrates in the form of fruits and vegetables are critical to maintaining healthy tissues, joints and bones. In fact, if you lose sight of the need for vegetables you may increase your gymnast’s risk of stress fractures. Avoid most protein powders which can be hard on a child’s liver, avoid supplements such as glucosamine which are not intended for young people. Your child should take supplements under the supervision of someone who works with child athletes. For more information about what you should do for your gymnast in food and supplements schedule a consult with Laura at 972-468-9114 (In person or by phone consults available)