October Newsletter

Welcome to Fall!
This month’s newsletter talks about what fruits and vegetables are best to eat in the fall season, Immune boosting foods to start your day off right, Great ideas to get your kids to eat healthy.
This month’s tip from Laura:¬†Too many people attempt to lose weight by skipping breakfast, eating a light lunch and then making poor choices late at night. Trying to lose weight? Eat breakfast and avoid late night snacking which also suppresses morning appetite.
Foods in season during fall may appear less appealing — especially if you aren’t sure how to prepare them, or are feeding a family of less adventurous eaters. But in addition to the nutritional benefits of foods such as Brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes, you’ll find another positive: the exponential number of tasty ways in which they can be prepared.
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You may be lucky enough to be sniffle-free so far, but cold and flu season is upon us. Just over 2 percent of Americans have had the flu so far this season and nearly 7 percent have caught a cold. Those are¬†pretty typical numbers for October, according to Gallup. And although they might seem small, it’s still early: More like 8 to 10 percent of people will be sniffling come December and January.
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Kids can be picky eaters. If your little ones balk at anything green, then you’re likely concerned that they’re not getting the nutrition they need. Camouflaging food takes a little kitchen finesse, but you’re covered with these proven tricks of the trade.
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