Healthy Tips for Grocery Shopping

by Laura Kopec, ND, MA, CNC

© copyright 2013. Kopec Naturals, Inc. All rights reserved.

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• Plan Ahead. It is always important to go with a plan so you are not seduced by impulsiveness. It is also important that you do

not go to the store hungry as this will shift thinking from your brain to your stomach. Eat a handful of almonds or a piece of

fruit just before entering the store to curb hunger and keep your focus straight.


• Approaching Mindset. Approach the grocery store as if you are at a Farmer’s Market. Look for items you would find in a

natural setting such as the Farmer’s market.


• Keep Outside. Most of the processed food, although not all, reside in the center aisles. Most of the natural foods are kept

around the perimeter. Produce (fruits and vegetables), fresh meats and seafood, eggs and dairy, and bakery are kept along

the outside. Avoiding the center aisles unless you have specific items you are getting will help you avoid processed foods.


• Read Labels. When you do purchase a packaged food, make sure you are reading the label. Avoid food containing transfat

(hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oil), aspartame, food dyes, high fructose corn syrup and nitrates.


• Alkaline Heavy. Make sure you have a significant number of alkaline foods (fresh or frozen produce) in your grocery cart to

help make the most of your meals. Fresh fruits and vegetables, almonds, oats, olive oil, and coconut oil are great alkaline foods.


• Snack Ideas. Remember healthy snack ideas include apples, almonds, plain organic yogurt, blueberries and hummus.

Making a commitment to healthy snacks will help guide you away from chips, candies and donuts.


• Remember the Point. Most of all remember what you eat either adds to your health or takes away from it. You decide.