September 2012 Newsletter

How to Improve Your Life
The Truth about Today’s Doctors
Benefits of Living Gluten Free
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This month’s newsletter features Health steps the system doesn’t want you to know about, How doctors are refusing care to parents who opt out of vaccines, and a personal story of How giving up gluten changes your life.
This month’s tip from Laura:  Breakfast is truly an important meal. What you eat before 11 am is “brain” food. Research shows individuals who do not eat breakfast are more likely to have difficulty with problem solving and maintaining energy throughout their day. Additionally, anyone trying to lose weight will have a harder time losing when breakfast is skipped. Because our bodies are continuing to detoxify before 10am, what you eat is just as important as eating breakfast. Best choices are fresh fruits with almonds, fresh fruit with eggs or fish. Make sure you have a good source of energy (fruit) and good protein for healthy neurotransmitters (the communication between brain cells).
(NaturalNews) Let’s face it, the system wants you sick. They build giant hospitals, develop expensive pharmaceuticals, and design equipment small governments couldn’t afford, all so they can rake in the life savings of hapless victi, er, people who find themselves at the mercy of Big Medical after making poor health choices their entire lives, albeit often choices they were told were good. By the time they are lying in a hospital bed with cancer at 60, waiting for another round of expensive, destructive chemotherapy, they have no idea what, or who, caused it, or what they could have done to perhaps avoid being sick in the first place. Click here for more.
(NaturalNews) Parents who refuse to allow their children to be forcibly injected with cocktails of toxic adjuvants, chemical preservatives, and live viral materials are increasingly being told by mainstream medical quacks that they are no longer welcome as their patients. Convinced that their own personal opinions on vaccines must apply to everyone, these vaccine-pushers have assumed the role of medical dictators, treating everyone who does not agree with their vaccine dogma as if they are unworthy to receive medical care.According to a study conducted in Connecticut last year, the number of conventional practitioners and pediatricians that say they have dismissed patients because of vaccine refusal appears to be on the rise. While only six percent of physicians said they “routinely” dismissed families over vaccine refusal back in 2001 and 2006, that number appears to at least be in the double-digits today, with one survey of 133 doctors showing that about 30 percent of them have refused patients who resist vaccines. Click here for more.

Deb Nevergall had just purchased an old Victorian home for her special-occasion tearoom and was working on the menu, which included cucumber sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and petits fours, when health troubles hit.First, Nevergall’s teenage daughter, Jessica, was diagnosed with celiac disease after having suffered for years from painful stomach cramps, fainting episodes and mysterious anemia.

“I’d never heard of celiac disease,” says Nevergall of Findlay, Ohio. “Not many doctors in our town were familiar with it either.”

Once Jessica started on the gluten-free diet, she made a rapid recovery. Her stomach cramps disappeared almost overnight. In fact, Jessica was doing so well that Nevergall turned her attention to her own health complaints. In recent years, she had suffered from countless frustrating symptoms—weight gain, brain fog, headaches, arthritis, fatigue, upset stomach and bloating. Having learned that celiac disease is an inherited autoimmune condition that runs in families, she got tested.

When results from the blood test came back negative, Nevergall admits she was relieved that she wouldn’t have to give up her favorite foods. But over time, her symptoms, once just annoying, seemed to be worsening, affecting her mood and energy level. She was becoming depressed. Click here for more.