One week to Tri

This week I am in the final preparations for my first sprint triathlon. Sprint triathlon is a fancy way of saying baby triathlon or mini triathlon. The idea began several years ago, but the birth of my third child put the idea of a triathlon on hold. Now in 2013, I have come back to this goal. I began training in August of 2013, and in November of that same year I participated in my first 5K. I say participated, because I did not run the entire race, but alternated between jogging and speed walking. My goal was to finish under 45 minutes, and I finished at 38 minutes. Pretty good considering my previous exercise experience was swimming and yoga and not running. In fact, in August I began with a 30 minute mile.

My goal for my first sprint triathlon is to finish, and finish with the desire to do another oneā€¦.and if I am lucky I will be under 3 hrs. What began as a quest to become leaner and more fit, turned into a personal journey of redemption. That may seem like an exaggeration, but I found the true benefit to training for something so large, was the ability to dig deep and overcome some very real fears. Even with one week to go, I am still facing those fears. This week has turned into one of the most challenging with a changing forecast where the weather could be anything from rain to wind to overcast to very cold. All in all, this will truly be a real adventure.