Take charge of your health and wellness, and those you love!

It’s TIME. Time to understand YOUR body in a whole new educated way. And TIME to take action to feel better!

Want to understand your GENOME REPORT? Laura specializes in interpreting your Genome Report beyond what the internet alone can do for you.

Want to know what is going on in your body? Laura specializes in educating you on how your body speaks to you about functional imbalances through your symptoms.

Want to afford holistic care? Laura believes holistic and alternative education and support should not be available to the wealthy alone.


LOOK NO FURTHER. Laura’s mission is to provide quality and affordable education and support, with compassion and integrity, helping you feel better for your total health and happiness. She believes that knowledge is power and can help you filter through all the information on the internet while listening to YOU, and providing a plan that fits your life, your body….and your budget!

Laura works with women only behalf of themselves, their spouses or their children. Appointments available in person or by phone. Men are seen on a case by case basis and you must contact Laura first before scheduling. If your child is 14 or older they are required to come to the first appointment. if your child is younger than 14 please come WITHOUT your child to the appointment.

Schedule your appointment online using our scheduling page. Please contact Laura’s office directly for additional information at laurakopecwellness@gmail.com